The Bibliography Continues

For someone with two jobs, I write an awful lot.

Here is the partial bibliography, with books from the last four years, and articles from 2016. Some of the articles are written with colleagues. All the books are written with colleagues.

The newest title, The Cyber Survival Guide, will feature the work of some of the most incredible people I've ever been privileged to work with. We will be announcing them soon.

For more on what I have written in the past (including 15 travel books for Lonely Planet Publications) please visit my personal website.


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Articles in 2016:

Selby, N. (2016, July 14) Forget new gun laws. Here’s what could really keep people from shooting each other. The Washington Post.

Selby, N. (2016, July 14) Deaths By Police, Continued. The Atlantic

Selby, N. (2016, July 8) Bad Guys Win if the Police Reject Protests. The New York Times

Selby, N. (2016, June 20). The ‘low-hanging fruit’ of police reform. The Washington Post.

Selby, N. (2016, June 12). The Masters Case Is About Runells. The Context Blog.

Selby, N. (2016, June 6). Former Police Chief Greg Suhr got a raw deal. The San Francisco Examiner.

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Selby, N. (2016, May 21). The Chase Alan Sherman Video. The Context Blog.

Selby, N. (2016, May 18). Otis From Jacksonville Nailed It. The Context Blog.

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Moskos, P., and Selby, N. (2016, January 15). Just counting people killed by police won’t fix problems. We need better data. The Washington Post.

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